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Are you hungry? Don't know where to go or what to eat? Bored and love food? Trending Dish is your app to find your next great dish. Everything is about the dish. Who doesn't love a recommendation from someone (or an app) that knows what you like and don't like!

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See what others are Eating and what they Think


Find great Dishes and even Recommendations


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Search what to eat by Restaurant or Cuisine


Part Food Journal and More!

Find - Recommendations

As well as sharing what is or was on your plate. Trending Dish always wants to be your Food matching service. You can like or rate dishes from our Feed or Dish Detail screens. The more you interact the app will learn more about you and your tastes. And on a nightly basis, we run our patent pending recommendation engine which takes every like and review into consideration to accurately help you find that next great dish. Have friends you go to eat with a lot? Tell them about the app and let Trending Dish help you determine a best place to eat based on your combined recommendations!